Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (July 2020)

We’re melting here at FIREhub HQ! Hope you’re having a good summer despite all the restrictions still in place. As always, stay safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks!

Please give a warm welcome to our new bloggers for July 2020.

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Financial Independence

FIRE Sverige exp

FIRE Sverige (Sweden)

FIRE Sweden is a blog detailing the journeys of Frugalisten and Swiwi, on their different routes to FIRE. One of the main focal points of this blog is Sweden-specific advise (tax law, investment vehicles etc). | FIRE Sverige är en blogg där Frugalisten och Swiwi delar med sig av sina båda resor mot FIRE. Ett av bloggens fokusområden ligger i att lyfta Sverigespecifika saker som pension, skatterätt, olika investeringskonton, osv.

La Liberte Financiere exp

La Liberté Financière (Switzerland)

I blog about how to become financially independent in Switzerland. I talk essentially about real estate and stocks. I have a different point of view because I dislike frugality, I prefer working hard and investing my money instead of saving pennies. | Je documente sur un ton décalé mon chemin vers La Liberté financière en Suisse. Chemin principalement axé sur l’investissement immobilier et bourse. Je suis contre la frugalité et je me bats en travaillant sur pour bien investir plutôt qu’économiser des petites sommes.


Debt-Free Family exp

Debt-Free Family (UK)

Ever wanted to live a financially free family life? Debt-Free Family aims to help you become just that, debt free and living a financially free life. How did we do it? We saved money where we could, we made extra money where we could and now live a debt-free life. We love helping our readers to do the same.

Stocks / Dividend Growth Investing

Engineer My Freedom exp

Engineer My Freedom (Ireland)

Engineer My Freedom is a blog about a European man’s journey to financial independence following a dividend growth strategy. This blog will also detail other tips and tricks that I pick up on my way to FIRE.

European Dividend Growth Investor exp

European Dividend Growth Investor (Poland)

Trying to give a European perspective on dividend growth investing and show/prove that it’s possible when living in Europe. I try to focus for >50% of my content to focus on European stocks. I find this a gap in the current blogging community, because it’s still US dominated even by European bloggers. I also created the Noble 30 index, 30 European companies with very long track records in paying growing dividends.