Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (March-May 2020)

Things have been eerily quiet here for the last few months during the lockdown. Fortunately the restrictions are starting to be lifted in a lot of places. We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and haven’t been affected too badly.

Please give a warm welcome to our new bloggers for March-May 2020.

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Financial Independence

Bergfahrten exp

Bergfahrten (Austria)

Businessman, investor, mountaineer and athlete, connoisseur and hobby cook, book, theater and film fan who lives on a farm. This blog shows my long-term dividend and investment strategy and my belief in personal responsibility and financial independence. | Kaufmann, Investor, Bergsteiger und Sportler, Genießer und Hobbykoch, Buch-, Theater- und Filmfan und lebt am Bauernhof. Dieser Blog zeigt meine langfristige Dividenden- und Investmentstrategie und meinen Glauben an Selbstverantwortung und die finanzielle Unabhängigkeit.

Uitklokken exp

Uitklokken (Netherlands)

Uitklokken focuses on the journey towards financial independence and early retirement. The journey is so much more interesting than actually reaching your goals! The blog focuses on this journey from a Dutch perspective. Topics include investing, crowdlending/funding, mortgages, and pensions. Financial development is awesome! | Uitklokken richt zich op de reis naar financiële onafhankelijkheid en vroegpensioen. De reis is namelijk zoveel interessanter dan het daadwerkelijke halen van je doel! Dit blog kijkt naar deze reis vanuit Nederlands perspectief. Onderwerpen zijn investeren, crowdlending/funding, hypotheken en pensioen. Financiële ontwikkeling is fantastisch!

Backpack Finance exp

Backpack Finance (Malta)

Hi, I’m Backpack Finance. It took me 5 years to reach financial independence through saving, investing and living the magical minimalist lifestyle. I now have the freedom to choose where and how I live my life with little to no concern for money and you can do it too. All it requires is some basic knowledge, a small push, some guts to go against the herd and viola, you are there.

Finanzen? Erklärt! (Germany)

Finanzen Erklärt exp

Finanzen? Erklärt! is about achieving financial independence with equity investments. The author sees financial independence as a two-stage process: the accumulation stage which is then followed by the capital consumption stage. Although the blog addresses the whole lifecycle of financial independence, the focus is on the development and presentation of innovative withdrawal strategies that allow for maximum capital consumption while minimizing the risk of bankruptcy.

MedFI (United Kingdom)

MedFI exp

A journey to FI through the prism of the NHS, MedFI is not just for those in medical fields. We write about a broad range of financial and personal topics, hoping to inform and inspire those also aiming towards FI.