Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (November 2019)

November was a fairly quiet month here at FIREhub HQ. Big things are in the making but we can’t give you any details yet. You’ll just have to be patient and see what we throw at you in the months to come 😛

Anyway, a warm welcome to our new blogs, and happy Advent everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Financial Independence Blogs

Banker on FIRE exp

Banker on FIRE (UK)

Banker on FIRE is not a website about saving money by giving up coffee, discount shopping or holding a garage sale. Living well within your means is crucial but there are plenty of other amazing resources on the web that can teach you the basics of budgeting and saving money. What I choose to focus on is making good financial decisions that generate substantial wealth increases over a long time period. I hope I can help you do the same.

Libre Financiero exp

Libre Financiero (Spain)

This blog focuses on how to achieve financial independence and avoid the rat race we are all into. Several steps are shared in order to achieve financial independence and investment strategies to accomplish this goal. Besides, the blog includes several posts with financial tricks and experiences so that everyone can take advantage of them. | ¿Quieres dejar de depender de un trabajo y aprovechar al máximo tu vida? Claro que es posible, con lo que aprenderás en este blog podrás alcanzar la independencia financiera y ser libre para disfrutar de tu tiempo.

Travel Inspire Connect exp

Travel Inspire Connect (Spain)

I achieved FI, quit my career, sold everything and moved to Valencia, Spain to fulfill a dream and live a slower-paced, higher-quality lifestyle. I write about Spanish Culture, European Budget Travel, Financial Independence, and Mindful Living.

Frugality Blogs

Time and Pence exp

Time and Pence (UK)

As a mom, I want to have time for my family. I don’t want to be working full-time for somebody else. I don’t want to be disorganised. I don’t want to be unhealthy. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to live a better balanced life. The money making and saving ideas have been thoroughly tested and actually work and I will help you to get organised, get healthy and live the simple life you crave. Balancing time and life these days can be really difficult. Over 16 years ago I gave up my job to pursue a life of financial independence, allowing me more time with my family. On Time and Pence I share ideas on real, tried and tested money making ideas, money saving, getting organised and family health. Everything you need to live a balanced life and spend time doing the things you want to do.