Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (October 2019)

Wow, October flew by here at FIREhub HQ! Among many other things that happened this month, we welcomed some new bloggers into the fold. Here they are!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Financial Independence Blogs

Playing with FIRE exp

Playing with FIRE (UK)

I am a London based blogger documenting my journey to FIRE in a high-cost city. I discuss what I am doing to prove that FIRE is possible in London, and give regular updates on my progress, along with thoughts on money in general.

Hustle Escape exp

Hustle Escape (UK)

Hustle Escape is a personal finance and psychology blog, established in December 2018. The blog aims to help readers seize back control of our most important finite resource: time. Through practical guidance and using scientific research, articles seek to demonstrate how changes in our approach to our money and mindset can bring about life-changing benefits.

Personal Finance and General Investing Blogs

ahorrainvierte exp

ahorrainvierte (Spain)

ahorrainvierte es la web para aprender a ahorrar y a invertir: Cuentas, Depósitos, Fondos de Inversión, Robo advisors, Acciones y brokers, Recursos y Promociones…

Money Mage exp

Money Mage (UK)

Who doesn’t want more money? Who doesn’t want a higher paid job with fewer hours? Who doesn’t want to semi-retire tomorrow? Unless you are in the top 20% of earners, you’re becoming relatively poorer every day. The capitalist, consumerist draws on your frugal lifestyle make such dreams seem unrealistic. I am Money Mage and I’ll be writing on wealth, using money wisely, savings and investments, living frugally, frugality hacks, living well, looking after yourself, and having fun.

Money Side Up exp

Money-Side Up (UK)

My blog is about helping people to feel more optimistic about personal finance. I use scientific research and my own personal experience to break down the barriers to saving money and investing. I originally created the blog to document my experience of trying to achieve ‘financial independence’ on an average UK salary. Then I came to realise the importance of having a positive relationship with money and how science and psychology of money can help with this.

Mischu exp

Mischu (Romania)

Salut! Sunt Mischu, traiesc in Germania si scriu despre calea mea spre independență financiară. Focusul de investiții este pe: ETFuri, dividend growth stocks și REIT.

P2P Investing Blogs

Global Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog exp

Global Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog (Spain)

The independent peer-to-peer lending blog for investors, developers and enthusiasts worldwide. Join the fintech revolution!

Ample Invest exp

Ample Invest (Luxembourg)

Ample Invest is a fast-growing personal finance blog dedicated to peer-to-peer lending, passive income ideas and working less hours. Launched in 2019 with the aim of covering an array of alternative finance topics, Ample Invest focuses on new and exciting investment types such as crowdinvesting and crypto-lending and provides in-depth articles and serious platform reviews.