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In the last few weeks and months we’ve been busy adding new features to FIREhub. Did you notice that you can comment on the Bloggers on FIRE interviews, the Blog Post of the Month and other articles here on FIREhub? Check it out and let us know what you think!

We also added a Resources section where you can find European FI podcasts, the Bloggers on FIRE interviews and our newly-created category European Investing Blogs.

We receive a lot of requests from bloggers who want to be listed in our blogroll of European FIRE blogs, but whose blogs don’t have a clear focus on FIRE. In the past we used to turn down such requests, but now we’ve decided to create a separate section for those blogs that discuss topics that are closely related to some aspect of FIRE.

The blogs write in different European languages about topics such as personal finance, investing strategies such as ETFs, peer-to-peer lending and real estate, side hustles, entrepreneurship and self-development. Go check them out!

We also try to promote FIRE events all over Europe, where you can meet people who are on the FIRE path (or have already FIREd). It’s really fun, interesting and inspiring to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people. You can find FIRE events all over Europe in our Events section. If there isn’t an event near you, why not organise something yourself? We have updated our guide on how to organise your own FI meetup. You can then tell us about it an we’ll add it to our Events calendar.

If you would rather get in contact with FIRE enthusiasts in the online world, we have created a page that lists European FIRE Groups. Most but not all of them are facebook groups, and some organise meetups. Even Slovenia, Malta and Iceland have such groups! (But where is France?!)

You can always contact us for feedback at hello[at]firehub[dot]eu or just comment on this article – comments are open! 🙂