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I Retired Young Article

Early Retirement Costs – February 2018

David from I Retired Young had a busy February. He spent 12 days in Switzerland visiting his daughter, 8 days skiing in France, and 8 days at home in Dubai. How did all this travel impact his spending?

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Eyes on the Goal

Why I am Sceptical about Bitcoin

“Bitcoin was the ultimate Utopia of freedom, but the system is broken”. In this interesting guest post on Eyes on the Goal, discover the reasons why the author sees Bitcoin skeptically for our society, our environment, and our economy.

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Cheesy Finance Article

Leuven FIRE Meetup Recap

Cheesy Finance: We just had a great weekend again with a lot of fun people. There was talk about money, dividends, permaculture and ethics, all while enjoying some good Belgian Beer! We also did an interesting (but rather chilly) city tour, courtesy of Amber Tree Leaves. Here is a (visual) Leuven FIRE Meetup Recap! Also, some of the presentations are available for download!

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