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Quietly Saving Article

4 Years!

Happy blogiversary to Quietly Saving! Weenie is one of the true veterans of the UK FIRE blogging scene and has inspired loads of people with her posts over the years. Here’s to another 4 years Weenie (please don’t sell your site!).

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Retire in Progress Article

I Will Invest When the Market Drops

Do you think the market is overpriced and you feel like waiting until it drops to start investing? Mr RIP from Retire in Progress came out with a detailed post, filled with graphs and examples to make us understand market valuation, CAPE ratio and investing psychology a little bit better.

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Cheesy Finance Article

Who Can FIRE?

Cheesy Finance: Take two people with a MSc. degree and professional designations, two full time jobs, a reasonably frugal nature, and you have a winning recipe for FIRE. But what if you earn a median income, or less, how good are your chances to FIRE? Can you even FIRE?

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