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I Retired Young Article

Early Retirement Costs – March 2018

Over at I Retired Early, David and Sally kept their expenses on track in March, even though they had guests, visited their daughter in Switzerland, and racked up 51 coffee shop trips between the two of them 🙂

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Cashflow Cop

Live It, Don’t Preach It: Getting Your Partner to Embrace FI & Accepting it Might Never Happen

“Usually, there will be resistance” says the Cashflow Cop, and this applies also to just good friends. He has advice based on his own experiences and a psychological theory.

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Foxy Monkey

How Foxy Monkey Invests in this Overvalued Stock Market

Foxy Monkey wants a rock-solid investment strategy. One that will work well in all seasons and that is well understood. This investment strategy aims to maximize the reward for the risk he is taking…

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