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Monthly Update November 2017 – The Portfolio & Big Life Changes

With the Christmas carols already jingling from the radio, you know the end of the year is very close. With only one month to go, at Divnomics we’ll mark this year in many different ways. The biggest one – investment wise – has been our sell-off of the stock portfolio. We’ve changed our vision and strategy on investing completely and made some choices that will have a big impact on our lives moving forward. We’re now committed to real estate investing.

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My Financial Shape Article

Dreaming Big of a Tiny House

Over at My Financial Shape, for my wife and me, the dream of a house with a big, wonderful garden is deeply rooted and in fact, buying our first real estate object is an incredibly exciting goal we pursue. But having been looking for our Dream House for two years now, it’s pretty obvious, that “finding the perfect real estate object” is not an easy project.

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Cheesy Finance Article

Real Estate Loans

As mentioned in a previous Real Estate Report, over at Cheesy Finance we have been looking into real estate loans. We have even already had a meeting with a real estate loan platform, and have been “approved” to become dedicated investors. Let’s have a look at said platform and associated pros and cons.

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