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TuppenysFIREplace Article

13 Financial Mistakes I Have Made and How You Can Learn From Them

Here’s a list of all the things TuppenysFIREplace has done wrong according to accepted personal finance blogger wisdom. But despite making all these mistakes she and her husband are still on track to FIRE within the next two years. Nice work Tuppeny!

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FIREthe9to5 Article

Be Your Own Insurance Company

FIREthe9to5 has been looking at her insurance policies and realising that she no longer needs some of them due to changes in her life circumstances. A wake up call to all of us to scrutinise our expenses regularly and question whether we really still need those things we used to think of as essential.

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A Big Welcome to the Newest Blogs on!

Last week we added a new feature on – the Suggest a Blog form. We’re happy to report that we’ve already received some blog suggestions and today we finally added them. Here are the newest blogs to be featured on A big welcome to everyone – we’re happy to have you in the European FI community and we’re looking forward to working with you! Give us feedback – what could we do better and what should we add?…

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