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Case Study: Saving 15k a Year in Poland | Antonello Schiavo | FI Europe Podcast

A case study with Antonello Schiavo who is 30 years old living in Poland. He is originally from Italy and moved to Poland to work there at Google. He talks about his path from saving nothing for several year until he finally kept 15k in 2019, and also about his retirement plans, airbnb and real estate in Poland and much more.

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You Can’t Choose the Cards, But You Can Always Play the Hand You’re Dealt | The Escape Artist

What’s missing from the coronavirus debate is the idea of personal responsibility and what actions we can take to maximise our own health. The Escape Artist delivers this missing piece.

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Blog Post of the Month – April 2020

After 10 years in a bull market, now we’re in a bear market. Good news is: bear markets don’t last very long. And while buy and hold investors simply continue buying stocks – currently at discounted prices – other investors are more active. Selling stocks, shortening some positions, thinking about currency risks, looking at charts, trying to buy back into the market at the right moment, comparing the current crash/bear market with historical bear markets and so on. Ermine from…

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Financial Gladiator

How to Protect Our Savings and Investments in a Crisis | Financial Gladiator

The Financial Gladiator discusses how to protect savings and investments during a global recession. What has he done recently and what opportunities will become available in the future?

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