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Simple Living in Somerset Article

Millennials can chill about not having massive savings

Simple Living in Somerset: A very interesting article about the financial cycle of life. Millennials are rich in human capital but poor in financial capital. Later on in life, that balance tips.

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The Stashing Dutchman Article

February 2018 Dividend Income Summary

The Stashing Dutchman: February has come to an end. In this blogpost I will list my dividend income for the month of February 2018. In February I received a total of $71.29 in dividend income.

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Cheesy Finance Article

How Low Can You Go?

Cheesy Finance: Based on this already “old” post by Early Retirement Extreme (ERE), Jacob was able to live off $5.000-7.000 per year, as late as 2011. For argument sake, let’s assume that this $7.000 annual spending in 2011 is now $7.714 in today’s money (2018). This would be about €6.250/year (current exchange rate ~$1.233/€), can you survive on this amount in the Netherlands? How low can you go? In the Netherlands at least!

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I Retired Young Article

Early Retirement Costs – February 2018

David from I Retired Young had a busy February. He spent 12 days in Switzerland visiting his daughter, 8 days skiing in France, and 8 days at home in Dubai. How did all this travel impact his spending?

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