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My Financial Shape Article

A 60 % savings rate is a real turbo

According to My Financial Shape, your savings rate is the the key factor if you want to shape your finances, gain financial flexibility in your life, being able to invest and build up an ever growing passive income stream in order to reach Financial Independence in a reasonable time frame.

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Cheesy Finance Article

The Journey to FIRE is Horrible!

According to Cheesy Finance, the journey to FIRE is horrible, no really! All the choices, things you have to discover and find out. It takes an enormous amount of time and what do you get in return, money. Lovely….

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Compound Your Freedom Article

How to use an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to focus on your financial goals

Simba from Compound Your Freedom gives us a step-by-step guide on using an Investor Policy Statement to keep on track with your goals (complete with video instructions and a downloadable template).

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