Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (December 2018)

Happy New Year! Hope you had a good 2018 and are making plans for 2019 to be another amazing year. We definitely are, but we can’t reveal our secrets yet. Watch this space!

December was a quieter month on the new blogs front because of Christmas, but we did add a few nonetheless. Welcome guys!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

alfinlibre exp

¡al fin libre! (Spain)

I’ve been FI since I was 33. I write about how I got there, share what I’ve learned over the years seeking FI and provide ideas on how you can achieve it yourself. | Soy financieramente libre desde que tenía 33 años. Escribo sobre cómo lo logré y comparto todo lo que he aprendido durante los años que me llevó llegar hasta ese punto, doy ideas sobre cómo hacerlo y cuál es la mentalidad para que tu también lo logres.

The Saving Journey

The Saving Journey (United Kingdom)

Welcome to my shiny new blog! I’m 31 years old and I’d like to be financially independent by the time I’m 45. Here I will post about my journey to financial independence to measure my progress and keep me on track. Hopefully, some of you will find it interesting and maybe even helpful for your own journeys.

The Next Chapter Blogroll

The Next Chapter (United Kingdom)

This blog is more than spending reports and posts on whether you need to be frugal or maximise your income to achieve FIRE. Not that I’m nitpicking, I have just come to realise there’s only a finite amount of posts to write about FIRE and the journey to get there. Which is why my blog isn’t just about FI – there’s more to me than FI which is why I intend my blog to be as diverse as my interests.

Finance Your FIRE Blogroll

Finance Your FIRE (United Kingdom)

Most people dream of a time when they can quit their day job and pursue what they truly love. Yet, when you ask young(er) people about retirement, they tune out, equating “retirement” with “walkers and canes”. Retirement is not about being old. It’s about no longer being dependent upon your time and labor for money. Retirement is financial freedom. The truth is, if you’re determined and start early enough, retirement can happen sooner than you think.

Steel Kitten exp

Steel Kitten (United Kingdom)

If you’ve seen my previous blog – – you’ll know that DH and I achieved our dream of buying a smallholding in July 2016. We moved to rural Lincolnshire and give full credit to penny-pinching for getting us there. This blog charts a new chapter in our lives as we strive to achieve our new goal of retiring early. I write about penny-pinching, money-saving, budgeting, smallholding life, personal development, and retirement planning.

Pursue FIRE exp

Pursue FIRE (United Kingdom)

My name is Dan and I’m 42-years old. I live a normal life in the beautiful countryside of the South East of England, with my wonderful wife and three young children (three girls 6 years and under….. yikes!) There’s one overarching reason why I am obsessed with the topic of achieving financial freedom and retiring early: “I want to spend my time with people I love, doing things that really matter”.