We’ve been a bit slow in responding to blog suggestions recently. What with FIWE 2018, the Simplicity Festival and various other commitments, life simply got in the way for a few weeks. Anyway, without further ado, here are the new blogs we’ve added to our blogroll over the last few weeks.

As always, a big welcome to everyone – we’re happy to have you in the European FI community and we’re looking forward to working with you! Give us feedback – what could we do better and what should we add?

Financially Free

Financially Free (Denmark)

I’m 38 years old and live in Denmark with my girlfriend and our two kids. I started my journey towards financial freedom in August 2015. I’m not financially free yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will be. Hopefully within 5 years. I’m saving and investing as much as I can every month until my goals have been achieved.

Die Freiheitsmaschine

Die Freiheitsmaschine (Germany)

Financial Freedom through passive income. Stocks (ETFs), rental properties, health and fitness. | Finanzielle Freiheit durch passives Einkommen. Aktien ETF – Immobilien – Gesundheit – Fitness.

Money on FIRE (UK)

A UK-based financial independence blog focused on teaching people that they can spend less and have more time to do things they love. The goal is to teach everyone to spend less and live more.

Lúpulo y Números (Spain)

A Spanish couple working their way to financial independence. Sharing advice on earning more, spending less and investing in a smart way. | Una pareja de españoles trabajando para llegar a la independencia financiera. Compartiendo consejos sobre ganar más, gastar menos e invertir inteligentemente.

Știința Banilor

Știința Banilor (Romania)

A blog about personal finance and early retirement in Romania.