Podcast: Getting Started with Dividend Growth Investing

In this podcast episode, Araminta  interviews her co-host from financial-independence.eu: Alvar. They talk about dividend growth investing.    You can read the full transcript here. Podcast created by financial-independence.eu

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Pollies Dividend Article

July 2018 Dividend Income from the Dutch Dividend Bloggers

Pollies Dividend: Again a post in my new series about the passive income from the Dutch bloggers. And with this post I hope to inspire more people to start making passive income. By starting to make passive income, you will take control of your live. Passive income gives you the freedom of time! I think that time is our greatest asset. In fact, time is far more valuable than money in my opinion.

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The Stashing Dutchman Article

February 2018 Dividend Income Summary

The Stashing Dutchman: February has come to an end. In this blogpost I will list my dividend income for the month of February 2018. In February I received a total of $71.29 in dividend income.

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Battle of Dividend Stocks (2017 Results and 2018 Battle)

The Road to One Million: Last year’s Battle of Dividend Stocks was a bit forgotten around June, but I was interested to see how did the two portfolios perform over the year. Also, there were a few nominations for the 2018 battle. In this post you can see the starting line-up of this year’s contestants.

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