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Monevator Article

Nine underrated tools to help you achieve Financial Independence by @Monevator

Monevator shares a guest post by David Sawyer,  author of the UK-focused financial freedom book: RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money. Read more @Monevator

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Eyes on the Goal

The Goal is Dead. Long live the Goal

“I aimed for FI because I thought it would give me space and time to play with my passions and find my calling. With time I realized it’s a long way until FI.” Kate App ( found a new goal.

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May 2018 Balance Sheet – Holiday spending

Quittingteaching explains how his family is able to enjoy summer and Christmas holidays without feeling the financial pain afterwards: “Perfect. Painless. Priceless. And not a MasterCard in sight.”

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TuppenysFIREplace Article

13 Financial Mistakes I Have Made and How You Can Learn From Them

Here’s a list of all the things TuppenysFIREplace has done wrong according to accepted personal finance blogger wisdom. But despite making all these mistakes she and her husband are still on track to FIRE within the next two years. Nice work Tuppeny!

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