The Winners of Our Birthday Competition

A few weeks ago we celebrated FIREhub’s 2nd birthday with a funny graph, the launch of our new interview series Europeans on FIRE, some behind-the-scenes information and a competition.

To take part in the competition, you had two options. The first was to suggest an event via our suggest an event button. The winner in this category is Silvia, who suggested even two events to us, both taking place in Brighton, UK. One of the events is yet to come: “Why inflation matters” on November 20. Thank you for suggesting these interesting events to us, Silvia!

The second option was to write about the European FI community, what it means to you, what you like about it or what could be improved. The winner in this category is the blogger {indeedably}. He wrote to tell us about his idea for a “resource that outlines the typical (preferably optimal) approach” to financial independence for each of the European countries. This could be visualised by a flowchart, he suggested. There are over 40 countries in Europe, so this sounds like a lot of work. It would only be possible with the help of the wider FI community. We are still thinking about this idea. Thanks to {indeedably} for his competition entry.

We will contact the winners so that they can receive their prizes, an FI book of their choice.