Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (March 2019)

Spring is here! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. March was fairly chilled here at FIREhub. We’d like to thank all those who have already participated in our new Bloggers on FIRE series and welcome to our new curator Pinch as well as our new bloggers.

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

HetGeldCollege exp (Netherlands)

I help people create more time and freedom in there lives. I do this by blogging about what works for me, and what doesn’t on my own road to FIRE and ultimate freedom. This way other Dutch millennials can learn from me and thereby gain more financial insights for themselves. | Ik help mensen meer tijd en meer financiële vrijheid te creëeren door te bloggen over wat voor mij werkt en niet werkt. Op deze manier kunnen andere Nederlandse millenials leren van mijn verhaal, om zo meer financiële inzichten voor zichzelf te creëeren.

Financieel Vrijer exp

Financieel Vrijer (Netherlands)

A blog about a family’s journey to financial freedom. Blog posts about getting rid of the mortgage, personal finance , Dividend Growth Investing and family life. | Een blog over een gezin op weg naar meer financiële vrijheid. Posts over aflossen van de hypotheek, persoonlijke financiën, dividendgroeibeleggen en het familieleven.

JCM Independencia Financiera exp

JCM Independencia Financiera (Spain)

Value Investing & Financial Freedom | Blog sobre inversión a largo plazo con sentido común y enfoque empresarial, independencia financiera y desarrollo personal

Baltic Mustache exp

Baltic Mustache (Lithuania)

We are a young couple under 30, seeking for financial independence in Lithuania (North-east Europe). Our numbers and approach should be very interesting for people living in Western part of Europe, since it is incredibly cheaper to live in Baltic states considering life quality you get. It is still developing country, so there are many tricks and tips to live comfortably and still frugal. | Mes esame jauna pora, įpusėjusi į trečiąjį gyvenimo dešimtmetį, norinti pasidalinti mintimis apie kelionę į finansinę nepriklausomybę. Pabandę siekti šio tikslo, supratome, kad tai įmanoma ne tik JAV ar Vakarų Europoje, tačiau ir Lietuvoje. Nuoširdžiai tikime laisvesnio bei prasmingesnio gyvenimo idėja, todėl, dalindamiesi savo mintimis, stengsimės įkvėpti, patarti ir mokytis kartu.

Ditch the Cave Blogroll 1 exp

Ditch the Cave (United Kingdom)

My blog is sort of about money and financial independence (…OK FIRE if you must). But it’s not really about that – because that’s not really what life’s about. My blog is about more than money. Its about health, and relationships, and sleep, and books, and hobbies. In short it’s about everything to do with being happy, or at least my journey to becoming happier.

Wannabe Walden Blogroll exp

Wannabe Walden (Denmark)

Loui (writer on WW) is deeply inspired by the old book by Henry Thoreau, called “Walden”. Henry Thoreau went out to the woods, build a small house and lived there for two years. He then wrote “Walden” on how we all could benefit from living a more simple life. Wannabe Walden is a modern version on how we can implement this simple way of living and quitting the rat race. Loui would like to do the same as Thoreau, but on a boat instead. Follow his journey.