Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (May 2019)

May was a really busy month for us here at FIREhub. Sorry for the lack of posts in early May – the entire core team plus some of the curators and country ambassadors attended FIWE 2019 in Budapest with loads of other FIRE enthusiasts. We’ve come back bursting with inspiration and new ideas that we can’t wait to get started on.

Please give a warm welcome to our new bloggers who joined our ranks in May, and also to Wojtek, our new country ambassador for Poland!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Balansere 1 exp

Balansere (Norway)

A blog about striving for a balanced life — a life that balances my desires and needs with the requirements I face in a good way. This is not a perfect life, but rather a life that gives room for spending my time as I want to. Financial independence is paramount in achieving this.

HonestFIRE exp

HonestFIRE (Lithuania)

I’m 90s kid writing about FIRE. I am going untraditional way of holding most of my portfolio in P2P and STOs to create a cashflow. Young age = more risk tolerance. I am currently doing 500 Euro/month in Vilnius Old Town challenge. I have shared my experiences about traveling in North-East USA for 16 days for 600 dollars. If you believe in FIRE, I believe you will like my blog. 🙂

Impactivated exp

Impactivated (Belgium, Digital Nomads)

Building financial independence is like unlocking your true potential to do what’s most important to you. Reaching financial independence is like having a superpower. All of a sudden you can do almost anything! What if we used this superpower to make the world a better place! That is what is all about. And we need you! Join us so that we can have a bigger positive impact together!

OdysseytoFIRE Blogroll exp

OdysseytoFIRE (Digital Nomads)

Hi folks! I’m blogging under the pseudonym of Odysseus, born in the ’80s, married, father of 2 lovely kids and a not so lovely dog, living in Europe and aiming for the Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE) by 2028. As Odysseus, that took 10 years on his journey back home after the fall of Troy, my intention is to share with you the challenges and accomplishments during my personal odyssey to FIRE. Investment focus: Dividend Growth Stocks, REITS, Bonds, ETFs and P2P.