Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (November 2018)

Wow, it’s already the end of November – how did that happen? This month on FIREhub we’ve added quite a few new blogs, and we’re especially happy to welcome our first ever Estonian blogger. It seems like the FIRE message is spreading to all corners of Europe. The only corner we’re missing is Iceland. Hello up there – any volunteers?

Anyway, enough rambling. Here are the new blogs for November. Welcome everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?


MonkWealth (The Netherlands)

From saving, investing, and financial independence to living a productive and fulfilling life. Read about a Monk’s journey to FIRE and how to get there yourself. The blog started at 25% of the author’s FIRE goal and contains valuable material for both newcomers and FIRE veterans.

Route2FI logo exp

Route 2 FI (Norway)

I’ve just started my road to FIRE, and I got some years left before leaving the corporate world. Reading all those other FIRE-blogs made me want to make a blog for my own journey. As of August 2018 my net worth is currently $120,000, of which a little bit over $100,000 is invested in index funds. Read more about how to reach financial independence – quit your job and live the life of your dreams!

Finansiel Uafhængighed Pensionere Tidligt

Finansiel Uafhængighed Pensionere Tidligt (Denmark)

For me time is the most important resource we have as human beings. Most of us choose to sell that time for money. By becoming FI, I’ll be able to buy my own time back. | For mig er tid den vigtigste ressource vi har som mennesker. De fleste af os vælger så at sælge den tid for penge. Ved at blive finansiel uafhængig kunne jeg kunne købe min egen tid tilbage.

Het Rijke Wijf

Het Rijke Wijf (The Netherlands)

18 with 30 years of experience, mother of a 16-year-old daughter, with husband M. and cat Semmie. Creative, also with money, a bon vivant with abundant consciousness. Striving to be done within 10 years. | Het rijke wijf, 18 met 30 jaar ervaring, moeder van dochter van 16, samen met man M. en poes Semmie. Creatief, ook met geld, levensgenieter met overvloedsbewustzijn. Streven om binnen uiterlijk 10 jaren klaar te zijn.

Not Your Average Investor Blogroll

Not Your Average Investor (Estonia)

Don’t be fooled by the domain: I am as average in every sense of the word as it gets. Middle aged dude, married with a kid, boring office job. Started investing in stocks, real estate and P2P lending in 2014 when I turned 35. On this site I will document my journey towards financial independence and (hopefully) early retirement.

Dinero Bolsa

Dinero Bolsa (Spain)

A blog about investing in the stock market. Investing means buying time and financial freedom. | Blog sobre mercados financieros. Invertir en Bolsa equivale a comprar tiempo y riqueza.

Gentleman's Family Finances Blogroll

Gentleman’s Family Finances (United Kingdom)

I can’t say this blog which I started on my 36th birthday is the start of our journey towards FI, but it’s a start in sharing with the world. The journey towards FI has been a long one for me already. I wanted to have money to give me the freedom I saw so many older colleagues lacking when I joined the workforce. And I wanted to have that freedom while I was still young enough to enjoy it.

Caruta cu Bani

Caruta cu Bani (Romania)

The Romanian sister website to Money Caravan, written by a Romanian living in Belgium. The blog is aimed at making a small contribution to improving financial education among Romanians and to provide information about real estate investing in Romania. | Blogul-pereche al blogului Money Caravan, scris de un blogger român care trăiește în Belgia. Blogul își propune să facă o contrubuție la educația financiară a românilor și să ofere informații despre investiții imobiliare în România.

The FIRE Shrink

The FIRE Shrink (United Kingdom)

30-something NHS worker blogging about FIRE, motoring and wellbeing.